MSc degree

CSE offers three types of MSc study opportunities.

MSc studies for CSE undergraduates

If you are an undergraduate student in CSE, you can apply to complete a 3+2 year Bachelor's and Master's degree. Read more about this option in our BSc studies page.

MSc studies for non-CSE undergraduates

Prospective applicants who already hold Bachelor's or Master’s degree in another Degree Program or another University can apply for our 2-year Master's Degree Program. We have actively developed this opportunity for students in selected Programs of the University of Oulu. This program provides an excellent opportunity to expand professional competence by developing a mastership of more than one speciality. If you are a student at the University of Oulu and still completing your Bachelor’s Degree in another Program, you can prepare for this switch already during your Bachelor’s studies. You should include a selected set of courses from CSE in your Bachelor’s studies in order to become an eligible applicant. Please click on the following links for more details depending on your study path:

  • The Information Processing Engineering option educates specialists with strong theoretical and practical know-how about digital information processing and analysis. The advanced studies can focus either on intelligent systems, signal processing, or biomedical information engineering.
  • The Applied Computing option educates specialists that use fundamental knowledge of computing in the real world, to solve real-world problems for real companies, special groups, and individuals. The advanced studies can focus either on the technology or the economy of applied computing.
  • The Embedded Systems option educates experts with detailed knowledge of designing embedded systems and software. The advanced studies can focus on either the software or hardware of embedded systems.

Prospective applicants holding a Bachelor's or Master’s degree from another Finnish University can apply also apply to our Master's Degree Program. You need to apply through the separate call organized by the Faculty of Technology. 

MSc studies for international candidates

In you are an international candidate you can apply to study in one of our International Master's Programs. Please click on the program that interests you for more information.

Last updated: 29.10.2020