PhD degree

If you have obtained a Master's degree, one considerable career option for talented, independent-minded individuals is to pursue a PhD. Science is fascinating - new knowledge is produced to further development in the science community and in the long run to be used by the societies as a whole.

As a researcher you have a global audience. Your publications are at best released in the most respected forums - conferences and journals. Conferences are spread all over the globe, so you will find yourself traveling to almost every continent.

It is possible to take the degree of Licentiate in Technology and Doctor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.

Doctoral studies

Students are expected to complete their PhD within 4 years. During this time, they need to obtain 40 credits by taking classes and attending seminars. Typically, these credits can be completed during the first year of your studies. All PhD students in our department are members of a research group, and this group provides support for the research. Please visit the pages of our research groups to find out about the topics of research that you can pursue in our department.

To graduate, a PhD student needs to submit a research thesis, which typically in our department takes the form of a "compilation thesis". The thesis consists of an introductory chapter providing an overview of the research, and this is accompanied by a set of papers that have been published internationally. Typically you need to include 5 such papers in your thesis.

For further details about the process of studying for a doctoral degree, please visit the Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program.

Applying & Funding

All new PhD students are enrolled in through the University of Oulu Graduate School. The lenght of the PhD studies is 4 years full-time. Prior to applying, you should consult with one of our professors.

There are multiple doctoral programs in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, which offer funded doctoral student positions, travel allowances and PhD courses. These are:

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For foreign applicants

The city of Oulu has create a welcome pack for foreigners, including a practical handbook in:

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