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Our department offers a wide range of courses available to students throughout the university. In the list below, please note that:

  • Clicking on the Code will take you to the course description in Weboodi.
  • Clicking on the Course name will take you to the course website.
  • If the languge is "English" then the course is lectured in English and all material is in English
  • If the language is "English/Finnish" then the course can be studied in English, but some Lectures and material may be in Finnish.

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Code Course Language
521002P Orientation to Computer Science and Engineering  
521003P Orientation Course for International CSE Students English
521012A Practical Training  
521013A Compulsory Training English/Finnish
521014S Expert Training English/Finnish
521032A Information Engineering Study English/Finnish
521141P Elementary Programming  
521145A Human Computer Interaction English
521147S Mobile and Social Computing English
521148S Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals English
521149S Special Course in Information Technology English/Finnish
521150A Introduction to Internet English
521151A Applied Computing Project 1 English
521152S Applied Computing Project 2 English
521260S Programmable Web Project English
521266S Distributed Systems English
521273S Biosignal Processing I English
521275A Embedded Software Project English/Finnish
521279S Signal Processing Systems English
521281S Application Specific Signal Processors (beginning in the autumn 2016) English
521282S Biosignal Prosessing II English/Finnish
521283S Big Data Processing and Applications  
521284S Biomedical Engineering Project English/Finnish
521285S Affective Computing English
521286A Computer Systems (beginning in the autumn 2016)  


Introduction to Computer Systems (beginning in the autumn 2016)  
521288S Multiprocessor Programming English
521289S Machine Learning English
521337A Digital filters  
521423S Embedded System Project English/Finnish
521453A Operating Systems English/Finnish
521457A Software Engineering English/Finnish
521466S Machine Vision English
521467S Digital Image Processing English/Finnish
521479S Software Project English
521484A Statistical Signal Processing English/Finnish
521489S Research Work on Information Processing English
521290S Distributed Systems English
521493S Computer graphics English
521495A Artificial intelligence English/Finnish


PhD courses

A number of PhD courses and lectures are provided by:

  • Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program: courses and lectures.
  • The International Graduate School in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (iBioMEP)


More info about University exams can be found here.

Information about Examinarium (Tenttiakvaario), see:

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Study guides

The study guide contains a detailed description of all courses in our Faculty. While the printed guides are in Finnish, you can find use Weboodi to find information in English.


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