Practical training

Studies include two practical training courses: 521012A (3 ECTS) OR 521019A (5 ECTS) during the B.Sc. studies and 521013A (3 ECTS) OR 521027S (5 ECTS) during M.Sc. studies. If you have started your studies before 2011 then course 521012A is compulsory for you. The course 521013A OR 521027S is compulsory for all students. You can choose which one you want to include in your Master's studies.

Also, it is possible to have extra credit points if you have worked long periods during you studies (521014S). The amount is 1.5 cr per year (minimum 1 cr and maximum 5 cr).

Financial support available for training

University of Oulu offers financial support for compulsory practical training courses, where the student is employed outside of the university e.g. in local company. Check your eligibility and get more information from the university website.

Instructions for composing your training report for course 521013A (3 ECTS)

The compulsory training in our M. Sc programmes consists of 2 months of full time work, supervised by a qualified engineer in a relevant enterprise. To have your 3 training credits confirmed, you need to report this training.

After the employer has reviewed the report you can return it to study office (TS107-114). The training report will be approved by a representative of CSE: Riku Hietaniemi (TS314).

The template for the front page layout can be found from here. The extent of the report should be 5-10 pages (appendices excluded). It is recommendable to enclose material such as enterprise organizational charts, annual reports or product brochures.

The aim of the training report is to show that the trainee thoroughly knows the company organization, not only the department he/she is directly involved with at work.

The report should present the organization of the enterprise, e.g. as follows:

  • strategy
  • a brief look into the main developments since establishment
  • ownership, partnerships and shareholding companies
  • administration
  • production, marketing, sales promotion
  • turnover, cost structure
  • working conditions
  • leisure activities
  • the tasks assigned to the trainee

The contents of the report can and should adjust to the specific characteristics of the enterprise concerned. The primary focus of the report in any case should be in 1) the tasks carried out by the student, 2) what the student has learned during training and 3) personal development goals for the future.

Instructions for composing your training report for course 521027S (5 ECTS)

The course 521027S (5 ECTS) is an alternative to course 521013A. You can include only one of those two courses to your Master's degree. Those who wish to receive financial support from the university must choose the 5 ECTS version.

Before starting the work in this course the student needs to make a practical training plan. During the working period a weekly report must be compiled and sent to Riku Hietaniemi by email ( After the training period has ended the student needs to write a final report and return it to Riku Hietaniemi (office number TS314). More detailed instructions and all of the needed documents can be found here:

Last updated: 6.6.2019