Bachelor’s Thesis and Graduation

Importance of the Bachelor’s Thesis

In our two-stage degree system, both bachelor’s and master's degrees are culminated with a thesis work. The bachelor's thesis is an independent study demonstrating the student’s ability to scientific thinking and writing. The aim is that the student applies the skills and knowledge acquired during the studies in problem solving and technical documentation. The student can perform a literature survey, or develop a piece of software, a device, or an algorithm, for example. A bachelor’s thesis is a public document; hence no confidential information should be included in the thesis.

Requirements for the Bachelor’s Thesis

In the Degree Programme of Computer Science and Engineering, we have two alternative ways to carry out the thesis which are

1. Independent thesis from a topic agreed with the supervisor (8 ECTS)


2. Embedded Software Project (521275A, 8 ECTS) course.

In addition to writing the bachelor's thesis, the student must pass the "Technical Communication" course (900060A, 2 ECTS) and attend to the maturity test.

In the case of the independent thesis, the student must follow the writing instructions described later in this page. Independent bachelor's theses are graded using the scale Pass/Fail.

Embedded Software Project is usually made in groups and therefore the personal contribution of the student must be clearly addressed. In this format, the thesis is graded using the scale 1-5.

How to Start Writing a Thesis?

Bachelor thesis work can be started during the 3rd year of the studies. The student needs to find a supervisor for the thesis before starting the work and agree the topic with her/him. The topic can be related to the research performed at the department, or suggested by the student her/himself. The thesis can be also made to a company, if the supervisor approves the topic.

After the topic has been agreed, the student and  the supervisor should agree the schedule for meetings. At minimum, one meeting should focus on the table of contents at the beginning of the work and one meeting should focus on reviewing the completed thesis at the end. When the topic is related to the research at the department, more frequent meetings are common.

The supervisor should belong to the teaching or research personnel in the research groups of Computer Science and Engineering. In the course based bachelor’s thesis the assessment is made by the course instructor. See the full list of eligible supervisors

The Writing Process

The bachelor's thesis is documented in the same way as  master's theses. However, the bachelor's thesis is typically shorter, 20-40 pages long.

Bachelor’s Thesis can also be conducted as a group work as long as it is considered in the scope of the work. For example the scope for a three person’s group must equal to the amount of work in 8 ECTS points. For this reason, report is expected to be longer, near Master’s Thesis length. A three person’s group should aim at 40-50 pages. This means broader coverage in literature review, implementation and discussion sections. 

When writing the thesis, you can follow the Master's Thesis Guide:

The following file contains the Word template for the bachelor’s thesis.

These templates must be used in all theses uploaded to Laturi starting from 1.1.2015. Old templates are not accepted!

Permission to upload the thesis is given by the supervisor. All theses are uploaded to Laturi in the electronic form ( Use the following naming of the file <year><month><surname>bachelorsthesis.pdf.

See also the thesis instructions for Electronic theses at the University of Oulu. (


  1. Complete all courses in your study plan
  2. Complete Bachelor’s Thesis or Embedded Software Project course and Technical Communication course
  3. Uploading the bachelor’s thesis to Laturi
  4. Attend the maturity test
  5. Apply for the degree (see forms)


Other matters

If the student does not continue studies in the CSE degree programme, also the keys, books and other borrowed items (tools, devices) need to be returned. After completing all these tasks, processing the application, approving the thesis, and granting the degree takes 2-4 weeks.

Last updated: 26.2.2016