521149S Special Course in Information Technology starts May 5


This spring the special course on  information technology will be a short course on 5.5.-6.5. and 15.5.-16.5.2014.

Learning outcomes: After completing the course, the student can explain the big data phenomena and the possibilities it has in data processing and exploitation. The student can analyse concrete big data technologies; in addition to Hadoop, other solutions are considered.
The student can explain the most common solutions available for cloud services, and understand the benefits, risks and restirictions of them. In the exercises, the student will learn the principles of the current new technologies and utilize them.


  1. Creating understanding for the Big Data framework
  2. The central technologies, solutions and services
  3. Big data and cloud services
  4. Exercises
  5. Exercise review

Learning activities and teaching methods: 32h lectures, 3h internet-based studying, 27h+27 h exercises, independent studying

ECTS credits: 6 study points

Assesment methods and criteria: Attending lectures, two exercises, exam.

Grading: The course utilizes a numerical grading scale 1-5. In the numerical scale zero stands for a fail.

Person responsible: Susanna Pirttikangas, Jukka Riekki, Ivorio Oy

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Last updated: 10.4.2014