Summer studies 2014


In the University of Oulu you can study and earn credits towards your degree during the summer time. The University organises regular courses in several disciplines and degree programmes. The teaching programme includes some late-take courses (courses you may have missed during the regular season), language studies and other courses helping you to earn credits towards your degree. Most of the teaching will be in Finnish language.

The teaching is organised outside the regular semesters, between mid-May and end of August. Summer studies are organised in cooperation between Faculties of the University of Oulu, Open University and the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia.

When attednding summer courses held by the Faculties the student has to be registered as present as following:

The Timing of the Summer Course

Study Right Required


Present, spring term 2014 (valid until 31.7.2014)


Present, autumn term 2014 (starts from 1.8.2014)

May-June and August-September

Present, spring and autumn term 2014

Unless you haven’t registered as present as required you have to perform re-registration.

Summer Studies 2014



Last updated: 30.4.2014