MediaTek recruits young talents to its Oulu site

A number of exciting opportunities to join MediaTek’s brand new office in Oulu, Finland! 

We are looking for motivated engineers who have just graduated or are about to graduate soon to expand and strengthen our existing, talented team of experts with new to achieve a leadership position in LTE Advanced (4G) and future cellular technologies.

We currently have an excellent opportunity for a L1 Firmware and Protocol Software Engineers to join the existing team.  This rewarding position offers the successful candidate the chance to be part of a
wider team involved with all areas of development of modem technology at MediaTek, from standardization to system design, implementation, integration and carrier validation, all way to mass production.

We will coach you to become part of this team, you don’t need to be an expert yet, but you need to be eager to learn. In addition, this challenging and varied role offers the opportunity to get involved in multiple, global R&D projects.

Key responsibilities

The main responsibilities under this position are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Analysis, design, implementation and integration of new LTE features and algorithms
  • Participation in system level pre- and post-silicon validation including field testing and IOT (Inter-Operability Testing) = travel opportunity

Desirable skills

  • Understanding basics of cellular systems (time/frequency division systems, frame and slot structures, physical channels delivering control and data bits, pilot/reference signals)
  • Understanding of air interface issues and algorithms used to handle them
  • Experience in programming with C and possibly also with assembly language
  • Understanding of basic operations with complex numbers and matrices, and possible issues with fixed point implementation (vs. floating point)


Please contact Mr. Ville Salmi

Last updated: 15.12.2014