Horizon 2020 project on elderly, urbanization and green economy

The Community Imaging Group at the University of Oulu, along with the City of Oulu, have joined the new Horizon 2020 project Grey and Green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas (GRAGE).

During the next four years a consortium of 10 partners from all over Europe will carry out an interdisciplinary study on the challenges of aging and sustainable development in urban areas.

The main focus of the research ranges from the analysis of the policies adopted by Member States on the theme of active aging, as well as social, juridical, economic and technological analysis connected to active aging within the urban environment. Amongst these issues: green urbanization, food sustainability, elderly urban behavior analysis.

The EU is facing numerous challenges in achieving a more balanced regional development and sustainable economic recovery. GRAGE project intends to tackle this challenges by developing winning ideas to promote an active, harmonious and inclusive citizenship for elderly people living in urban contexts.

The consortium gathers ground-breaking expertise from different scientific background (legal, economic, humanities, engineering), from academic and non-academic institutions, from several EU countries and the Ukraine. By applying a mix of methodologies, the research and innovation programme of the project will evolve around the idea of citizenship as a collector of interest, healthy environment and suitable urban solutions for an aging society.

Such a cooperation can have a series of returns for Europe, ranging from a more effective solution to strategic challenges (sustainable cities and demographic change) to new business opportunities.




Last updated: 26.3.2015