Nokia Foundation Scholarships to Denzil Ferreira and Johanna Ylipulli

Two MediaTeam researchers, Denzil Ferreira and Johanna Ylipulli, have both received a grant from Nokia Foundation, worth of 5 000 euros.

Denzil Ferreira´s research interest in human-centered mobile context awareness. Information from mobile device´s sensors is extracted to find out what the user is doing, based on several sources of information, such as sensors and social networks.

Within his PhD thesis, a researcher’s toolkit for mobile context awareness entitled AWARE will be developed, allowing researchers all over the world to use their expertise and create novel ways to deduct context from sensed data. Ferreira´s thesis is being supervised by the Associate Director of MediaTeam, Professor Vassilis Kostakos.

Cultural anthropologist Johanna Ylipulli works in the UBI Anthropos research project led by Professor Timo Ojala. Her thesis is being supervised by Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Hannu H. Heikkinen and Professor of Digital Culture, Jaakko Suominen from the University of Turku.

Ylipulli studies the design process, adoption and meanings of new ubiquitous technology in the Northern urban space from a cultural point of view. The research takes into account views of the designers as well as experiences of the citizens.

In 2011, the Nokia Foundation granted scholarships to altogether 73 PhD students in Finland.



Last updated: 27.2.2012