Job opportunity with Google Oulu


Google Oulu designs state-of-the-art hardware (ASIC IP) and ARM SW based video accelerators for mobile devices and helps integrate them in Google's platforms such as Android and Chrome OS.

Job description:
  - Google internship with a competitive salary, of length 4-12 months starting as soon as possible
  - Test automation for software version control commits
  - Video quality test automation
  - Automatic video content analysis based sequence classification and creation of a metadata system
  - Further tasks defined by own interests and skills

  - Strong programming skills (e.g. VHDL/C/C++/Java/JavaScript)
  - Scripting skills with Python/Bash/etc.
  - Familiarity with software version control systems
  - 3rd / 4th year electrical engineering / computer science student or a post-graduate student working on a PhD
  - Studies in image, video or digital signal processing
  - Studies in digital hardware design and/or embedded software design
  - Fluent written and spoken English

For applying to this position, please send a transcript "opintorekisteriote" and a CV, both in English, to Aki Kuusela: akikuusela  (at) and Ville-Mikko Rautio: vmr  (at)



Last updated: 5.4.2012