Interactive Context-aware System for Energy Efficient Living

The goal for this project is to develop interactive and context-aware feedback- and control system for rationalizing energy efficient living.

The system itself collects personalized data from the environment and offers information about consuming habits for the individuals.

With the help of the information it is possible to advise people for more energy efficient living and to give recommendations for avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

To be able to observe the energy consumption, several sensors has to be implemented in the environment.

By exploiting the sensor data with machine learning methods it is possible to create a lower level assessment of the situation.

This assessment is then applied to create two different analysis of the energy consumption:

  • Energy consumption profile for single person, a room or a group of electrical apparatus
  • Energy consumption profile for long-term behavior research and abnormality detection

INCA is funded by the Academy of Finland.

The future of living and housing (ASU-LIVE)

is a Finnish-Japanese joint project within the Core program and it is launched by the Academy of Finland and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

Our partner in Japan is Associate Professor, Ph.D Kaori Fujinami at the Daily Life Computing Laboratory, Department of Computer Information and Communication Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Contact persons:

Professor Juha Röning

Jaakko Suutala


Last updated: 17.4.2012