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Degree Program Head, Vice Head of the Department.

Director, Intelligent Systems Group, together with Professor Juha Röning. Leader of the Interactive Spaces team.



I am interested in developing our everyday environment to assist people in their lives. The services offered by the environment help the people to perform their everyday tasks by providing the information and access to the resources the people need at the situation in hand. The services are calm; they are offered when and where they are needed and they interact with their users in a natural fashion.

I call the environments offering such services as interactive spaces. In these spaces, our research team's focus is on presenting the available services to users and on letting the user to select the services to use. That is, we emphasize user control. Currently we focus on physical user interfaces, specifically on NFC technology. We build physical user interfaces from NFC readers, NFC tags, and graphical icons advertising NFC tags placed in the environment. In 2012 we will work mainly with learning applications targeted to kindergartens and primary (elementary) schools.

The second main topic is sensor networks, recognizing phenomena from the data produced by sensor networks. In 2012, the main application area will be traffic. In relation to interactive spaces and sensor networks, we study also software architectures, knowledge representations, and reasoning. More information about ongoing projects can be found from the research group's pages.

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