CSE carries out research in wides areas of information technology, which is one of the core expertise areas in research of the University of Oulu. The detailed focus areas of research at CSE:

  • Intelligent information analysis: biosignal analysis, data mining, pattern recognition, machine learning
  • Machine vision: computer vision methods, methods and systems for human-centered computing, robot vision
  • Information security: OUSPG, digital watermarking, biometrics
  • Ubiquitous Internet: mobile computing, services, human-computer interaction, ubiquitous urban computing, 3D virtual reality

On basis of the above mentioned, our research produces new knowledge, technologies and applications in e.g.:

  • Health and well-being monitoring systems and devices
  • Human-machine interaction, person identification, and human-centered services in different spaces: in the urban environment, in traffic, at homes, in the functionalities of the Internet, social networks, and virtual world
  • For improving the information security of both users and the critical infrastructure
  • Industrial automation

Our research groups

The research is carried out in three groups: Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group, Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, and Center for Ubiquitous Computing.

The first mentioned two groups were selected to Infotech Oulu for the period of 2014-2017.

Each group has its own research strategy, but also joint research projects exist. CSE has about 150 research staff members, out of which about 26 % are international recruits.

The total annual research budget is about 4-5 million euros. Sources for funding are e.g. the Academy of Finland, Tekes-the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, and the European Union. We also conduct contract research assigned by companies.

World-class research

Our key results are published in respected journals and high-level conferences. Conferences, seminars, tutorials, summer schools and other scientific meetings are being organized by the research groups of CSE both in conjunction with major international conferences as well as here in Oulu.

  • The most cited publication from Finland published since 2002 in ICT area is authored by the Center for Machine Vision Research (according to the Web of Knowledge).
  • Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG) holds an internationally renowned initiator role in detecting software vulnerabilities.
  • An internationally unique UBI Oulu pervasive computing infrastructure has been built for conducting longitudinal ubiquitous computing research in authentic urban setting at downtown Oulu. UBI (UrBan Interactions) -research program
  • Technologies for measuirng the depth of multidrug anesthesia as well as the condition of the heart offer potential for development of more advanced systems for automatic patient monitoring.
  • 16 spin-out -companies have been founded on our research results, the most recent being IndoorAtlas Ltd.

Partners and references

CSE has a wide domestic and global network of partners both in academic, industrial and governmental sectors. Our publications represent the results of our research.

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