Course changes


3.10.2012 Code of course 521478S Digital video processing has changed

The new code is 521259S Digital video processing.


1.10.2012 Terminated courses

521496S Information Networks System Design

521499A Information Networks Service Techniques


27.9.2012 Course 521268A Embedded Systems ends

The last three exams of course 521268A Embedded Systems will be held during autumn 2012 (Oct 12, Dec 4) and one during spring term 2013. The compulsory laboratory excercise will be held during spring 2013.

This course can be replaced e.g. by new 521145A Human Computer Interaction course.


13.01.2012 Sovelluskohtaiset signaaliprosessorit - mukaan mahtuu!

During the course 521358S "application-specific signal processors" students will learn how to construct custom processors for specific applications. The core application domain of the course is embedded signal processing, but the course content will be insightful for anyone interested in understanding the low-level computations taking place within processors. The course is practice-oriented in the sense that most of the work time during the course, students will work independently with processor design that ends up in realizing the processor to an FPGA board. The software used in teaching is fully open source and the FPGA boards are low-cost devices, which allows the students to use the acquired knowledge in later stages of their studies or professional purposes.

Lectures Thu 14-16, TS 127.


09.01.2012 Tietoliikenneohjelmistot -kurssia ei luennoida kl 2012

Kurssi on mahdollista suorittaa tenttimällä 23.3. sekä mahdollisesti kesätentissä. Harjoitustyötä ei edellytetä.


02.01.2012 Algoritmit ja tietorakenteet (= Ohjelmointi) aloitusluento 18.1.2012

521144A Algoritmit ja Tietorakenteet -kurssi korvaa kurssin 521143A Ohjelmointi. Ensimmäinen luento pidetään 18. tammikuuta salissa TS101. Ohjelmointi -kurssista ei enää järjestetä tenttejä.



Last updated: 3.10.2012