Who can supervise master’s theses?

  1. Thesis supervisor (valvoja) can be a CSE, EE, or DCE professor, or a postdoc currently working at CSE
  2. Second examiner (toinen tarkastaja) can be a CSE professor, a professor from other fields (no restrictions to the field), or a postdoc currently working at CSE.
  3. Either the supervisor or the second examiner has to be a CSE professor. However, also a member of CSE personnel who has previously been a CSE professor, can act in CSE professor's role in thesis supervision.
  4. A postdoc acting as the supervisor must have earlier experience on acting as the second examiner.
  5. Technical supervisor must have at least an M.Sc. degree.
DCE = Department of Communications Engineering
EE = Department of Electrical Engineering


Eligible supervisors and second examiners from CSE

Professors and postdocs listed below can supervise master theses. When a supervisor's expertise macthes your topic, please ask the supervisor in question first.

Professors and postdocs supervising theses written in Finnish can be found from the Finnish web pages.



Boutellier, Jani

data flow languages, model-based design, design automation, codesign, signal processing, processor architecture, energy-efficient computing, parallel processing, scheduling, video coding

Hadid, Abdenour

biometric recognition, face analysis, machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, image and video processing, artificial intelligence, information processing, human behavior analysis, gait and gesture analysis, vision based individualized health care, embedded vision systems, new sensing technologies

Hannuksela, Jari

machine vision, signal processing, DSP programming, pattern recognition, video processing, embedded programming

Heikkilä, Janne

machine vision, digital image processing, digital video processing, pattern recognition, statistical signal processing, signal analysis

Häkkila, Jonna

computer science, specifically interaction and user experience in context-aware and pervasive mobile technology

Keskinarkaus, Anja

multimedia, digital watermarking of audio, speech and images, digital watermarking methods for printouts, mobile applications taking advantage of watermarking methods

Kortelainen, Jukka

medical technology

Kostakos, Vassilis

mobile and social computing, human computer interaction, ubiquitous computing

Ojala, Timo

networking, Internet, distributed systems, mobile computing, ubiquitous computing, multimedia, HCI

Pietikäinen, Matti

machine vision

Pirttikangas, Susanna

situation awareness, context-aware computing, machine learning, pattern recognition, biometric identification, big data, open data, data mining, visual data mining, sensor signal processing, data analysis, internet of things, modelling user context and routines, activity reconition, gesture recognition, context-aware applications, sentient artefacts, intelligent transport

Rahtu, Esa

computer vision

Rautiainen, Mika

multimedia information retrieval; information retrieval; large-scale multimedia processing; content-based video and image analysis; distributed multimedia systems; semantic concept detection; unstructured content analysis; pattern recognition and machine learning; data mining; natural language processing; multimedia metadata and databases; multimedia interfaces; multimedia streaming; multimedia representation; mobile multimedia; multimedia services and applications; digital video broadcasting DVB, MPEG

Riekki, Jukka

embedded software, Internet of Things, ubiquitous/pervasive computing, mobile computing, Internet applications, physical user interfaces, Web Services, knowledge-based systems, cloud computing

Röning, Juha

embedded systems, software security, intelligent systems, robotics

Seppänen, Tapio

biomedical engineering, multimedia processing

Silvén, Olli

signal processing, imaging, embedded systems, hardware architectures, machine vision, video coding, energy efficiency, real-time systems

Zhao, Guoying

digital image & video processing, human motion tracking, action recognition, facial expression and micro-expression analysis, dynamic texture analysis, lip-reading, expressional face/lip animation, biometrics, surveillance



Last updated: 16.8.2013