Workshop on anthropological theories and methods

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hi All,

We are organising a workshop on anthropological theories and methods starting on the 4th of February at 10 am. The idea of the workshop is to go through texts on theories and methods that will benefit you in writing your master’s thesis. You can choose the text yourself and we’ll discuss it in a very informal environment – using English is encouraged but, however, not compulsory. 

It’s a great opportunity for you to get a better insight and further develop your theoretical and methodological framework. Also, don’t worry if you have not decided on your theories and methods yet – we are happy to help you in finding some useful reading. The workshop will be very much tailored for your needs and you can choose to claim 1-4 credits. Compensation will be arranged to the theory and/or method advanced studies (687215S and 687216S).

The meetings the place in the group study area of the Pegasus library. Here is the preliminary timetable:

4.2., 10-12, PK254                    17.3., 12-14, PK254

18.2., 10-12, PK254                  24.3., 10-12, PK254

25.2., 10-12, PK254                31.3., 10-12, PK254

3.3., 10-12, PK254                   7.4., 10-12, PK254

Hope to see many of you next week! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contacts us.

Kind regards,

Teresa (, Nicolas ( & Taina (

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