Ph.D. Hannu I. Heikkinen, professor

Hannu I. Heikkinen became the professor and chair of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oulu on August 1, 2011. Previously he had been appointed a Docent of Environmental and Applied Anthropology at the University of Oulu and worked in the University's Thule Institute in diverse of inter- and transdisciplinary projects. He has also worked in the Finland Futures Research Centre in the Turku School of Economics, Laboratory of Environmental Protection at the Helsinki University of Technology, Finnish Forest Research Institute, and different museums. Heikkinen was a visiting scholar at the University of Arizona in the Department of Geography and Regional Development in 2006. He defended his cultural anthropological doctoral dissertation about the adaptation of reindeer herding to the postindustrial world at the University of Oulu in 2002. 

Research areas

Ethnographically, Heikkinen has focused on northern societies and indigenous cultures and particularly environmental topics. His theoretic interests lie in ecological, political and cognitive theories.

Current or recent projects

Principal investigator 2011-2014. Impacts of climate change on Arctic environment, ecosystem services and society (CLICHÉ): WP8 Impacts of climate change on Arctic herding communities, the Academy of Finland. FICCA climate change research program.

Project manager 2011-2013. Different land use activities and local communities in mining projects - model for the best regulation and practices (DILACOMI), WP1: Land use and Community planning. WP is led by department of Architecture and consortium is coordinated by the University Lapland.
Partner 2011- . Kutsuntaikäisten liikuntaan aktivointi MOPO, (Activation of conscript age young men). Led and coordinated by ODL and Oulu University Hospital.
Senior researcher 2009-2011: EU life+ project “Vulnerability assessment of ecosystem services for climate change impacts and adaptation” (VACCIA): Action 12 Tourism. Coordinated by the Finnish Environmental Institute, WP 12 Thule institute, University of Oulu.
Senior researcher 2007-2011, FiDiPro program “Human-Environment Relations in the North: resource development, climate change and resilience”, led by Professor Mark Nuttall and funded by Academy of Finland. Joint program of the Universities of Oulu, Finland and Alberta, Canada.

Recent publications

Peer reviewed

Hannu H., I , Simo S., Nuttall M. (in press ) Users or producers of ecosystem services? A scenario exercise for integrating conservation and reindeer herding in northeast Finland. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice. Springer.

Heikkinen H., I., Kauppila P., Lépy Élise, Ponnikas Jouni, Rautio Arja 2011. Tourism. In Ecosystem services and livelihoods - vulnerability and adaptation to a changing climate. VACCIA Synthesis Report. Bergström Irina, Mattsson Tuija, Niemelä Eerika, Vuorenmaa Jussi, Forsius Martin (eds.) - The Finnish Environment 26en/2011. Helsinki, Finnish Environment Institute. 55-58.

Heikkinen H.I., Moilanen O., Nuttall M., Sarkki S. 2011. Managing predators, managing reindeer: contested conceptions of predator policies in Finland’s southeast reindeer herding area. Polar Record 47 (242): 218–230 (2011).

Heikkinen H.I., Lakomäki S., Baldridge J. 2007. The dimensions of sustainability and the neo-entrepreneurial adaptation strategies in reindeer herding in Finland. The Journal of Ecological Anthropology Vol.11, 2007, pp. 25 – 42.

Kasanen, M. & Heikkinen, H.I. 2012. Kolme näkökulmaa pohjoispohjanmaalaisten metsänomistajien valintoihin. Metsätieteen aikakauskirja 1/2012: 5–22.

Kyllönen S., Colpaert A., Heikkinen H., Jokinen M., Kumpula J., Marttunen M., Muje K. & Raitio K. 2006. Conflict Management as a Means to the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. Silva Fennica 40(4): 687 – 728.

Sarkki S., Heikkinen H.I. 2010. Social Movements’ Pressure Strategies During Forest Disputes in Finland. The Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research. Vol. 2, No. 3, 281–296.

Other research publications

Heikkinen H., I., (in Press). Perinteisen karjatalouden julkisivut ja takapihat Arizonassa. Teoksessa Ympäristö ja kulttuuri. (Toim. Anja Nygren, Timo Kallinen ja Tuomas Tammisto). Helsingin yliopisto.

Heikkinen, H, I. (Toim.), Suopajärvi, T., Huusko, A., Karjalainen, T., P., Kauppila, P., Koskela, A., Mustonen, V., Ponnikas, J., Rantala, S., Rautio, A., Saarinen, J., Savela,. H., Siikamäki, P., Tervo-Kankare, K. 2010. Ilmastonmuutos ja matkailun haasteet Kuusamossa ja Sotkamossa – Matkailun haavoittuvuuden ja sopeutumisen arviointi osallistavan tulevaisuudentutkimuksen menetelmällä. (Summary in English: Climate change and challenges to tourism in Kuusamo and Sotkamo – Assessing the vulnerability and adaptability of tourism by participatory future studies). The UniPress, Oulu.

Heikkinen H.I, Nuttall M. 2009. Between weather and climate. The magazine RETHINK Contemporary Art & Climate Change. Alexandra Institute. Denmark.

Heikkinen H., Robbins P. 2007. Political ecology: A context-sensitive approach to engage complex human-environment relations. The Department of Art Studies and Anthropology. The University of Oulu. Northern Anthropology 4/2007:1-44.

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