Welcome to the Future of Wireless!

Centre for Wireless Communications - Wirelessly Yours!

The telecommunications branch invents new technologies every day.

From cell phones to smart phones, from broadband to cognitive radio networks, communications engineering is integral in creating the wireless future.

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) conducts world-class education and research in the field of wireless communications engineering.

Wireless Communications is studied in the Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering and the International Master's Programme in Wireless Communication Engineering (WCE).

In addition, courses provided by the Centre for Wireless Communications are included in the Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering.


Only a Millisecond Away - Happy Mother's Day!

Have you ever thought who the base station of your life is? With CWC’s wireless solutions, you will soon be able to hug Your Mother from a distance.


Big Fish

The first 5G test network in Finland is cast up north in Oulu. This research, led at the University of Oulu by Academy professor Matti Latva-aho, is about to revolutionize the field of wireless communications.


Correspondent Karjalainen goes 5G

Correspondent Karjalainen infiltrates a group of students researching the first open campus-wide 5G network in the world.



Open 5G Test Network

At CWC, the next generation of mobile networks, 5G has already become reality. The open 5G test network is a great
opportunity to test ideas and future innovations.