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19.12.2019 News

Connecting you with your digital twin: 6G will bridge the physical with the virtual

6G is about systemic disruption, which is why it is vital to look at the future of telecommunications from a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives, says Professor of Practice, Seppo Yrjölä.

19.12.2019 News

ETRI Journal 2019 Best Paper Award for RF Research Team

Marko E. Leinonen, Giuseppe Destino, Olli Kursu, Marko Sonkki, and Aarno Pärssinen received the ETRI Journal 2019 Best Paper Award for their article “28 GHz Wireless Backhaul Transceiver Characterization and Radio Link Budget” published in the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Journal.

18.12.2019 News

Awarded Paper Proposes 3D Radio Channel Model for Industry 4.0

Three researchers at the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), which is leading the 6G Flagship Program, co-authored a conference paper “Industrial Indoor Measurements from 2-6 GHz for the 3GPP-NR and QuaDRiGa Channel Model” which was awarded as the Best Overall VTC2019-Fall Paper.

The article builds on key results of Reicovair project in which the CWC team planned and carried out radio channel measurements in extremely challenging industrial scatter environments. The results are especially important for Industry 4.0, in constantly changing wireless conditions.

We asked eight questions of the CWC authors Risto Vuohtoniemi, Marko Sonkki and Veikko Hovinen about the technical challenges and specifications of the realized measurements. This is what they answered.

11.12.2019 News

70 top hackers from around the world gathered to Oulu – the world’s first open 5G Cybersecurity Hackathon was a success

Top hackers from all over the world gathered to the University of Oulu to test their skills against 5G and cybersecurity during the weekend. Oulu is known as a global 5G and 6G hotspot and is the home to research and development of top-tier cybersecurity.

29.11.2019 News

Professor Markku Juntti elevated IEEE Fellow

Markku Juntti, Professor of Communications Engineering, from University of  Oulu Finland, has been elevated to the grade of an IEEE Fellow. He is being recognized for contributions to multiuser and multiantenna communications. The technologies are used in mobile communications systems both in base station network infrastructures and mobile handsets worldwide.

19.11.2019 News

University of Oulu and Wipro Sign MoU to Collaborate on 5G/6G Technologies

The collaboration will focus on wireless communications in 5G/6G at GHz, THz and light wave frequencies

18.11.2019 News

From the secrets of the universe to the promise of tomorrow: Kari Leppänen maps the world around him in 6G

Many of us gaze at the stars and think, Wouldn’t it be fun to be an astronomer? Find out the secrets of the universe, life? But not many of us have the wherewithal to become astronomers, though. Professor of Practice Kari Leppänen at 6G Flagship does. For a while, he pursued a career in radio astronomy. “I know exactly how the recent image of the black hole was created."

13.11.2019 News

Finnish Flagships join forces for next generation networks

Experts of two Academy of Finland Flagships - the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and 6G Flagship – are joining fo

13.11.2019 News

DigiHealth aims for practical applications

Digital health technology is one of the most important research themes at the University of Oulu. The DigiHealth project also takes researchers to the corridors of Oulu University Hospital.

9.10.2019 News

Critical communication solutions for public safety and remote businesses

A major project PRIORITY will research, develop and trial critical communication solutions for authorities and remote businesses. A key target will be to complement existing mission critical voice and messaging services with broadband data capability, using commercial 4G and 5G wireless networks.

24.6.2019 News

CELTIC project SIGMONA received the EUREKA Global Project of the Year 2019 Award

Research cooperation conducted in the University of Oulu was honoured, as SIGMONA project received the the EUREKA Global Project of the Year 2019 Award for in EUREKA Global Innovation Summit in Manchester, UK (14-16 May 2019),. CWC (Centre for Wireless Communications) has been one of the partners.

25.4.2019 News

Giant project to clarify 5G network industrial potential

5G will change societies more than the two previous-generation networks combined.

24.4.2019 News

Call for summer trainees at CWC

CWC offers both summer training positions and scholarships for trainees to conduct the advanced practical training (course code 521016A, syventävä harjoittelu) for two months.

11.2.2019 News

UNINORD offers Master Thesis position for Digital IC/FPGA tool development

Please see the attachment for more information about this job opportunity!

21.12.2018 News

Grants for Master Thesis available for Telecommunications Students

CWC-RT and CW-NS research units offer grants to DD-WCE, WCE and Finnish ECE master's students (both RAN and RF study options) for master thesis work.

See the call attached (pdf), or WCE web site!

6.9.2018 News

Gaining speed for our future world

To go faster, we need to go higher. When it comes to high-end wearables and machines in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), reliable connections with extreme throughput are essential to realize the futuristic world of automated factories and people roaming around in virtual reality. Millimeter waves (Mmwaves) are the way to go, but they have some challenges that need to be solved before the technology can be considered fully reliable.

4.9.2018 News

5G Test Network enables flexible service solutions for older people’s independent living

Sensors installed in the spacious sunlit home of Erkki Alatalo (91) transmit data on his morning activities. Calmness prevails, as the senior resident of Caritas-home is enjoying his breakfast while surmounting a Sudoku challenge. Careful analysis of the sensor data utilises artificial intelligence producing a model of his daily routines, which is subsequently used for organising individualised nursing and support services by Caritas. As a joint effort, Caritas, three technology companies - Haltian, Indalgo and Kaltiot - and 5G Test Network experts at the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland contribute to security and comfort for longer living at home in a mature age.

9.8.2018 News

University of Oulu is at the top of 6G research - "The university's task is to look forward"

The 6G research programme at the University of Oulu is one of the first ones in the world. "Again we have to do things that we cannot really do yet. That is the purpose of science", Professor Aarno Pärssinen says when faced with the challenge.

4.7.2018 News

Postdoctoral Researcher and Two Doctoral Student positions for 5G and beyond cellular access, mmWave based wearables and industrial IoT solutions

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) at University of Oulu, Finland, is offering one Postdoctoral Researcher and two Doctoral Student positions focusing on research for 5G and beyond cellular access, as well as, for mmWave based wearables and industrial IoT solutions. The positions are available in Academy of Finland funded research projects led by Associate Professor Antti Tölli starting preferably at latest on 1 September 2018.

4.7.2018 News

Doctoral Students for Radio Frequency (RF)/mmW/THz Engineering

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) and Circuit and Systems Research group (CAS) at University of Oulu, Finland are offering several positions for Doctoral Students in the area of RF/mmW integrated circuit design. CWC is one of the leading research units in the field of wireless communications globally. Its mission is to conduct world-class research, create new technologies, train world-class graduates, and transfer technology to real use. CAS is known e.g. on its fundamental research on understanding and canceling nonlinear distortion.

25.6.2018 News

Interdisciplinary research showing the way for 5G micro-operators

Fifth generation mobile networks will soon enable many things that prior technology is not capable of. It also challenges the different vertical sectors to renew their business models

24.5.2018 News

Experienced Researchers for Emerging 6G Technologies

Become a future maker in the 6Genesis flagship at the University of Oulu!

Several positions are open for experienced researchers in Wireless Connectivity, Distributed Computing and Intelligence, RF and Antennas and/or experimental test network towards 6G.

We offer a highly innovative, international working environment and increasingly challenging research topics deriving from our vision on 6G. 

21.5.2018 News

6G is a great leap also for electroceramics

The Microelectronics Research Unit is bringing high-frequency electroceramics to 5G and 6G research at the University of Oulu. The frequency range that extends to the terahertz level requires nanoelectronics that operate in the millionths of a millimetre. 

18.4.2018 News

University of Oulu to begin groundbreaking 6G research as part of Academy of Finland’s flagship programme

The Academy of Finland has selected the University of Oulu’s proposal 6G-Enabled Wireless Smart Society & Ecosystem as one of the first two flagships in the new national research funding programme. The flagship programme aims to further increase the quality and impact of Finnish research by funding the most prominent research clusters with high scientific merits and impact in supporting economic growth or society at large. The flagships will carry out ambitious research programmes enabled by substantial funding for a period of eight years.