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9.5.2017 News

Finland's first 5G development environment opens to businesses

Finland's first 5G test network 5GTN expands in Oulu.  5G development environment of VTT, the University of Oulu and the Centria Polytechnic will be used especially for vertical business use. There is already a large number of Finnish companies with whom 5G technology has been developed and will be tested in several application areas. The first new solutions are targeting for field trials already this year.

15.3.2017 News

University of Oulu Summer School in the field of ICT

During the summer 2017 ITEE organises regular courses in information processing science, electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, communications engineering.

10.3.2017 News

Mehdi Bennis receives EURASIP award

News published on University of Oulu main page

23.2.2017 News

New Doctoral Programme for Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The new organization of doctoral training has been introduced by Professor Markku Juntti, the Dean of the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS).

17.2.2017 News

Nokia Bell Labs and University of Oulu join forces for 5G Research

The leading research organization in information technology and communications, Nokia Bell Labs, and the University of Oulu have strengthened their collaboration in the field of wireless communications. 

15.2.2017 News

Nokia and University of Oulu form joint center for future connectivity

Nokia and the University of Oulu have strengthened their collaboration by establishing a new research and training center focusing on work around wireless infrastructure for 5G and beyond.

9.2.2017 News

CWC and VTT receive the first 5G equipment in Finland

Nokia has delivered radio equipment based on 5G technology to Centre for Wireless Communications and VTT Techincal Research Centre. The arrival of the first 5G devices in Finland marks the continued long-lasting 5G test network cooperation between the network company Nokia and the research institutes.

13.1.2017 News

First Dissertation in Finland on Visible Light Communications

Friday 2.12.2016 saw the reportedly first dissertation in Finland, where the subject of the research is based on the visible light communication (VLC). Dr Sc (Tech) Helal Chowdhury has in his doctoral dissertation measured the visible light technology activities in motion, both with and without radio-optical WLAN VLC-hotspots. The work leads to reflect on how the data light and radio technologies could complement each other, and what kind of solutions this technology could offer for the challenging future of wireless communications.

22.12.2016 News

Postdoctoral researcher and doctoral student positions open in Wireless Communications

Academy Professor Matti Latva-aho is looking for a postdoctoral researcher and doctoral students to study the various impacts of the increasing center frequency on wireless communication systems optimization.

24.11.2016 News

Award of the Pentti Kaitera Foundation to Matti Latva-aho

Pentti Kaitera Foundation has awarded Professor Matti Latva-aho,  an internationally renowned and awarded researcher in the field of communications engineering, for his outstanding research work and his achievements in promoting well-being in Northern Finland.

18.11.2016 News

CWC Researcher receives 20 000 € donation from Nokia

 Nokia Technologies has selected Dr.

15.11.2016 News

5G Test Network opens business opportunities

The 5G Test Network already covers the entire Linnanmaa campus in the University of Oulu. Now there is a search going on in the project for partners to test the data communications needs of the future, and new business opportunities.

2.11.2016 News

Join the developers and take advantage of the open 5G test network!

The open 5G test network covers the whole Linnanmaa campus already. The network is a unique opportunity to test future needs and business opportunites. University of Oulu and VTT Centre for Technology Research  invite users to explore the possibilities of the open 5G test network.

28.10.2016 News

$10M+ funding for CWC-startup KNL Networks

News release on KNL Home Page 

7.10.2016 News

Is the modernization of electricity grid going to make our future brighter?

CWC's researcher Pedro Nardelli's is blogging for the BCDC Energy research project! 

Read in his new blog post, what is the electricity grid and how is it going to make the world a brighter place.

6.10.2016 News

Wincool Best Demo Award for CWC and Drexel at ACM Wintech

Centre for Wireless Communications’ and Drexel University’s joint demo has been recognized with the Wincool Best Demo Award at ACM Wintech, the 10th International Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental Evaluation & Characterization.

8.9.2016 News

University of Oulu awarded professor Markku Juntti

Professor of Communications Engineering Markku Juntti from Centre for Wireless Communications was awarded for his research enhancing activities, especially for the remarkable amount of publications in 2015.

29.6.2016 News

Matti Latva-aho selected Academy Professor

The Academy of Finland has selected Professor of Communications Engineering Matti Latva-aho as Academy Professor for the period 1 January 2017-31 December 2021.

29.6.2016 News

Young summer jobbers built robots

In the first two weeks of June fifteen young secondary and high school students were employed by the ITEE faculty. They were working in Linnanmaa campus at the new workshop FabLab.

25.5.2016 News

EW 2016 Best Paper Award to CWC Researchers

Best Paper Award at European Wireless Conference 2016, that was held in Oulu on 18-20 May, was received by a team consisting of four CWC researchers.   The paper is titled

3.5.2016 News

CWC chosen to build 5G test network for Winter Olympics 2018

CWC has been selected to implement and demonstrate 5G mobile technology at the Korean Winter Olympics to be held in 2018 in PyeongChang.

13.4.2016 News

Best Tutorial Paper Award to Mehdi Bennis

Mehdi Bennis of CWC together with  Ejder Baştuğ  and Mérouane Debbah has been selected as winner of the IEEE Communications Society 2016 Best Tutorial Paper Award for the paper