Ayotunde Laiyemo

What made you choose the University of Oulu?

I was interested in a university that had a very strong background in telecommunications engineering research and at the same time was affordable. University of Oulu was the best choice for me.

What was it like to study wireless communications engineering in Oulu?

Studying WCE can be quite intense. However, I had plenty of support and many resources available, which helped greatly in making my studies pleasant.

What have you been doing after completing your Master’s degree?

After graduating, I decided to further my studies by pursuing a doctoral degree in the same department and university.

What are your career plans?

In the future, I plan to contribute my knowledge to the industry.


Do you have any advice to those considering studying WCE in Oulu?

If you are interested in building a career in telecommunications engineering, the WCE programme is a very good place to start.

Last updated: 13.7.2016