Hasnain Virk

What made you choose the University of Oulu?

I came here because I found something in common between me and the WCE programme at University of Oulu: sheer commitment and passion for the wireless industry. My urge to be at the cutting edge of industry-oriented world class research became a reality here as I was trained and guided by the world's finest professors, researchers and support staff.


What was it like to study wireless communications engineering in Oulu?

During my studies I acquired the knowledge and skills that enabled me to achieve my goals in both academia and industry. My thesis supervisor mentored me all along and really helped me focus my efforts and find my inner potential.


What have you been doing after completing your Master’s degree?

After graduation, I remained in academia as a research scientist in the field of wireless sensor networks and published my scientific contribution in several international publications. I was the lead author of a publication which won the best paper award at the International Symposium on Medical ICT (ISMICT) in March 2015 at Kamakura, Japan. I recently joined the Internet of Things (IoT) business unit of ARM, a world-leading multinational semiconductor and software design company.


What are your career plans?

I am pursuing my doctoral degree at the University of Oulu.  In the future I wish to play a key role in advancing the IoT industry.


Do you have any advice to those considering studying WCE in Oulu?

I highly recommend the WCE programme to any individual who likes challenges and who aims to be at the top of the wireless communication industry. If you want excellence, this is the place to be.

Last updated: 13.7.2016