Muhammad Junaid Khan

What made you choose the University of Oulu?

I got my Bachelor's degree from one of Pakistan’s top universities, NWFP UET Peshawar. During my Bachelor’s studies, I developed a great interest for research. In the area of telecommunications engineering, I could not find a better choice for my higher studies than the University of Oulu. I chose the University of Oulu because of its good reputation and contributions to the field of communications engineering.


What was it like to study wireless communications engineering in Oulu?

After coming to Oulu and taking classes for about a month, my friends back in Pakistan asked me whether my choice of going to University of Oulu was a good one. My answer to all of them was: "It was not a good choice, it was the best." The study and research environment is very co-operative and the teachers and staff are very friendly. This really inspired me and helped me attain my goal, my MSc degree.


What have you been doing after completing your Master’s degree?

After completing my MSc, I returned to my home country to pass on what I have gained and learned from my experience in the University of Oulu. I wish to help my community do better in the field of communications engineering.


What are your career plans?

My aim is to excel in research related to communications engineering and make a contribution to making the world a better place to live.


Do you have any advice to those considering studying WCE in Oulu?

I will always recommend studying wireless communications engineering at the University of Oulu because it is "a once in a life-time opportunity".

Last updated: 13.7.2016