Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How I can as a non-European citizen get a residence permit to Finland?

A: Detailed instructions are given in the material package that you have received with the acceptance letter. It is also recommended to take a glance at the following sites:

Q: How I can get an apartment in Oulu?

A: International students can rent furnished rooms from the PSOAS housing foundation. You can ask more information from PSOAS. It is recommended that you reserve your apartment as soon as possible after getting your UO acceptance letter. From June to early July is a proper time to act.

Q: How I can get information concerning practical issues of living in Oulu and in Finland?

A: You have received the information package. You can also ask, for example, your personal student tutor. You will get his/her contact information by email in June at the latest.

Q: How I can establish a bank account in Oulu? Are there banking offices in the campus area?

A: Your personal student tutor that you will contact after arriving Finland will help you to establish a bank account that is valid in Finland.

Q: Is it possible to find a chance to work as a part-time research assistant at some research group of the DCE department besides studies?

A: We do occasionally recruit master students as research assistants, but we naturally cannot hire all WCE students. Typically we want to see some local study progress in the WCE program here in Oulu, besides to see the content and grades of your previous studies, and C.G.P.A. of your B.Sc. degree, before inviting to join our research groups at the Department of Communications Engineering (DCE), or at the Centre for Wireless Comminications (CWC). Therefore, if you wish to become a part-time research-assistant, it is not recommended to ask such before the beginning of spring semester of the first study year. Please do not disturb our professors or personnel with your questions before that.

Q: What is needed in order to prepare a complete application for a part-time research assistant at the CWC?

In 2018, CWC offers several part-time Research Assistant positions ( for talented students who are applying for the WCE International Master’s Programme. If you are applying for WCE at the latest on 14 March 2018, you are also eligible to apply for a position. The positions start on 3 September 2018 and the working hours are 20 hours per week. This will allow studying and research related work in parallel.

Q: If I get sick, what do I do?

A: See the information package you have received with the acceptance letter. Student tutors will advice you how reach those health care and dentist services.

Briefly told:

Q: Are there any international communities in Oulu region, or in Finland?

A: Yes, there are some. To get more information.

Last updated: 8.6.2018