2020 Orientation Week & Training

Academic Year 2020-2021 Orientation Events

Academic year 2020-2021 orientation program will be placed here by end of August. All UO orientation events for international students are in remote mode with Zoom distance learning facilities. Because of Covid-19 pandamia delays in residence permit application and process forces for distance learning during fall term. All enrolled students will be informed by UO education services, and Zoom distance learning links for lectures and exercises will be send to students in order to start studies.

In order to get access (userID & PW) to UO computer facilities & Weboodi, Moodle and Peppi learning systems you have to pay combiner UO Student Union and Finnish Students Health Service (FSHS) annual fee of 85,50 Eur, and you should send payment receipt to study office (study.itee[ ]oulu.fi),  and register as a present student for academic year 2020-21. See more about payment options from here. Ask your designated WCE Kummi student's help with e-mail if you cannot understand!

See General UO Orientation Programme for International Students

See Mandatory WCE Program Specific Orientation Content on 3.9.2020, 12:00-16:00 O'clock (Local Helsinki Time, UTC+3) for Zoom Distance Meeting (link contained)

Time Zone Map for Converting Helsinki Time to Your Local Time

New PEPPI Guide for WCE RAN & RF Studies Published


Slides of UO Orientation Events Presentations 1.9.-3.9.2020

  1. UO General Orientation Info Session on 1.9.2020
  2. UO Information Letter for International Students 3.9.2020
  3. WCE Orientation Programme 3.9.2020
  4. Introduction to The ITEE Faculty 3.9.2020 (Jari iinatti)
  5. Introduction to CWC-NS & CWC-RT Research Units 3.9.2020 (Jari Iinatti and Markku Juntti)
  6. RF Education & Research 3.9.2020 (Aarno Pärssinen)
  7. Faculty of ITEE - Academic Affairs 3.9.2020 (Merja Inget)
  8. Faculty Academic Affair Services for WCE Students 3.9.2020 (Virpi Parkkila and Vaili Jämsä-Uusitalo)
  9. Study Culture and Practices of Education & Examination 3.9.2020 (Matti Isohookana)
  10. WCE-RAN and WCE-RF Study Options and Study Coaching (3.9.2020 (Kari Kärkkäinen)



Academic Year 2019-2020 Orientation Events

UO will organize on September 2-6, 2019 a general orientation week for all international students in order to help students to settle down at the campus. In addition, the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) offers specific orientation event for WCE and double-degree students (DD-WCE) on 5.9.2019, 16:00-19:000 o'clock at room TS101. Your student tutor, called "Kummi" in Finnish, will guide you there.

It is extremely crucial for you to get residence permit, book flights & accommodation to make possible to join UO orientation week programme. Otherwise you will not get good start for your studies. WCE teaching also starts on Monday 2.9.2018.

Important List of Actions To Be Done for New UO International Master's Degree Programme Students

UO Student Pages

UO Orientation Week's Programme for All UO International Students

WCE Orientation Event's Programme on Thursday 5.9.2019, 16:00-19:00, Room TS101

Guide for New International Studentsents

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First Aid Calendar for Teaching of 2019-21 WCE-RAN and WCE-RF Groups During Weeks 36-37 (2.9-13.9.2019)


WCE Orientation Slides for 5.9.2019 Event

  1. WCE Orientation Programme 5.9.2019
  2. Introduction to ITEE Faculty (Jari Iinatti)
  3. Introduction to CWC-RT & CWC-NS Research Units (Jari Iinatti and Markku Juntti)
  4. Future Radio & RF Technologies Towards 5G and Beyond (Aarno Pärssinen)
  5. ITEE Faculty Student Services & Baclelor's Degree Documentation Checking (Sirpa Nelo)
  6. Faculty's WCE Study Affairs (Virpi Parkkila and Vaili Jämsä-Uusitalo)
  7. Electrical Engineering Guild Presentation for WCE Students (Markus Junttila)
  8. Finnish Culture & Study Culture & Practices (Matti Isohookana)
  9. WCE-RAN & WCE-RF Study Options and Study Coaching (Kari Kärkkäinen)

WCE Orientation Slides for 14.10.2019 Event

  1. UO & WCE Examination Practices (Kokkonen)
  2. How to Create Exercise work Report (Kokkonen)
  3. How to Create Your Personal Study Plan with OodiPSP Tool (Kärkkäinen)

Last updated: 3.9.2020