Course & Exam Announcements


24.8.2020: New PEPPI guide for WCE RAN & RF studies published.



24.6.2019: Intensive Intensive course in August 2019: Principles and Design of IoT Systems: From Devices to Data Analytics, 4 ECTS by Prof. D.K. Arvind, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, under elective course code "umbrella" 521318S. Registration period is already open.



25.8.2017: First year WCE 2017-19 student group's course calendar is now available. See WCE 2017-19 group's teaching for weeks 35-37

22.8.2017: Game theory for wireless communication networks course of 7 ECTS credits (16.10.2017-22.12.2017) offered by Dr. Zaheer Khan for all WCE students as an elective study. See course description from here.

16.8.2017: Under 521318S Modern Topics in Telecommunications and Radio Engineering "umbrella course" an intensive Medical Healthcare and Its Advancement Based on Dependable ICT course of 3 ECTS credits (August 25 – September 1, 2017 ) is offered by Prof. Ryuji Kohno for all WCE students. Registration for the course here.



21.4.2017: ITEE & CWC summer studies & exams announced. See the list of summer 2017 studies. See also the list of WCE summer 2017 exams.

29.8.2016: 1st and 2nd year WCE study calendars are now available on this page.

22.9.2016: Examination practices, laboratory work report writing rules and OodiPSP info sessions on coordnator's hour on Friday 7th October, 2016 10.15-12.00, at room TS101.



24.5.2016: List of summer 2016 exams now available

1.3.2016: Exam dates for 521324S Communication Signal Processing I 1st and 2nd retake final exams have been changed to dates: 14.4.2016 and 23.5.2016. Old dates overlapping with 521327S Radio Engineering II exams were 31.3.2016 and 26.5.2016. Remember to register in Weboodi if you will take those exams.



6.5.2015: List of summer 2015 exams now available.

30.9.2014: DCE's Exams practice information session for all new WCE students will be arranged on Thursday 9th October, 2014, 12.15-13.00 at room TS107. Attendance of all 1st year students is mandatory.

13.8.2014: DCE Short cources offered by visiting lecturers available.



30.5.2014: Those who missed, or did not pass the Convex optimization exam organized on spring 2014 (the M.Sc. version under the 521318S Modern dopics ... "umbrella") have an opportunity to try again on 23rd August, 2014 summer exam day.

23.5.2014: List of summer 2014 exams has been announced. See:

8.1.2014: Convex Optimization course by Docent, Dr. Marian Codreanu offered as the 512318S Modern Topics in Telecommunications and Radio Engineering course on spring term 2014 13.1-23.5.2014 (appr. 4-5 ECTS, exact credit number will be decided later). Registration instruction can be fond from here.

20.11.2013:Combination of two courses: Visible Ligth Communications and Smart Grids are offered as a single 3 ECTS course in 521385S Modern Topics in Telecommunication and Radio Engineering. Registration instructions (Webpropol links) can be found from the web links above.

15.10.2013: DCE's Exams practice information session for all new WCE students will be arranged on Monday 21st October, 2013, 13.15-14.00 at room TS126. Attendance of all 1st year students is mandatory.

20.9.2013: Course name changes of DCE department's courses.

5.9.2013: Exams list of autumn 2013 term has been released released.

3.9.2013: Several new elective courses are available for WCE student groups of  2010-12, 2011-13 and 2012-13 intakes to be included into the optional module of each student. The list of optional/elective courses can be found from the 2013-2015 group's curriculumn. If you will take some of those elective courses you have to update your OodiPSP and submit a revised version to your personal study advisor Dr. Kari Kärkkäinen. If you wish to take a course from an other department/faculty, i.e. outside that 2013-2015 group's electives list, you have to discuss beforehand about the suitability of your proposal with your study advisor.



31.5.2013: List of summer 2013 exams.

23.1.2013: Courses under the "umbrella" course of 521318S Modern Topics in Telecommunications and Radio Engineering on spring 2013 are: Stochastic geometry and random graphs in wireless networks, Random matrix theory for wireless communications, and Interference management in cellular networks (tentative). More can be found from:

18.12.2012: Last possibility do pass or rise marks of Prof. Andrei Gurtov's Cryptography and, Network Security course is on January 25., 2013.

3.12.2012: Exams of DCE, EE, and CSE departments on WED 4.12 have been changed from lecture hall L2 to lecture hall L10.

12.9.2012: Notice that you have to register to mid-term exams by using Weboodi. During autumn 2012 term Introduction to Optimization and Wireless Communication II courses will provide mid-term exams.

You do not need to register for weekly exams organized after weekly exercises for the course Elements of Informationt Theory and Coding.

Rules of registration and examination can be found from here.

6.9.2012: An extra lecture fo Elements of Information Theory and Coding, on Friday, 7.9, 12.15-14.00, room TS127.

31.8.2012: Exam of Cryptography and, Network Security course by Prof. Andrei Gurtov, 7 ECTS under the title of umbrella course 521318S Modern Topics in telecommunications and, Radio Engineering will be arranged on Friday, September 28 on department's normal exam time.

Last updated: 24.8.2020