CWC Courses

Schedules and descriptions of bachelor's and master's degree courses  in Finnish Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) degree programmes offered by CWC can be found below. Also international studies in English in the areas of ECE, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), and Information Processing Science (IPS) are summarized. Such studies can be taken as electives by ECE, WCE and DD-WCE students.

ECE Bachelor's level course structure diagram: ETT_kandi_2019_2020.xlsx (in Finnish)

ECE Master's  level course structure diagram: ETT_maisteri_2019_2020_15.04.2019.xlsx (in Finnish)

ECE Master's  level course structure diagram: ECE_Master_2019_2020_15.4.2019.xlsx (in English)

International WCE Master' s level course structure diagram: Wireless Communications Engineering Degree Structure Diagram 2019-2021.xlsx (in English)

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) study programmes & course structure diagrams & courses & study guides (in English)

Information Processing Science programmes & studies.

Studies in all faculties of University of Oulu can be found from here.

Last updated: 25.6.2019