Master's Thesis Process & Graduation & LATURI & URGUND

Important dates & deadlines for WCE master's degree graduation

Start your reading about thesisĀ  process from here:

Descriptions of free master's thesis topics can be found from Moodle's folder entitled "Master's Thesis Topics for ECE/WCE/EE Students". Contact topic's supervisor for obtaining more information about a free topic.

Instructions for the master's thesis process and eGRADU & LATURI environment needed in the final phase of graduation can be found from this page.

You will also need these documents and instructions during your master's thesis work:

New Masters thesis application form in .rtf format (23.10.2018)

Master's Thesis writing instructions and Word template

LATURI and URGUND instructions can be found from here

URGUND system:

LATURI system:

MUUNTAJA for conversion of PDF/A form needed in LATURI & URGUD process

Notice, you also has to participate in mandatory graduation seminar!

Last updated: 13.8.2020