Enablers For Future Twitter Conference: Creating Solutions for a Sustainable World

Enablers For Future Twitter Conference: Creating Solutions for a Sustainable World

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The University of Oulu is organizing its third Twitter conference on 27.8.2020 starting at 1 pm Finnish time (UTC+3). The theme for the conference is “Enablers for Future Sustainable World” and the hashtag will be #eFuture2020.

In this conference the researchers of the University of Oulu present their research in two thematic areas - digital health and 6G - which build a foundation for solutions to enable a sustainable world for all of us.

A Twitter conference is a new way to organize a scientific conference where anyone, anywhere can participate with no need to travel. The conference will take place completely on Twitter as researchers tweet their presentations as 10-tweet chains. The presentations will be retweeted by the moderator account @OuluTC. To participate in the conference, follow @OuluTC on Twitter and the official conference hashtag #eFuture2020. You can follow the conference on Twitter even without a Twitter account via: https://twitter.com/OuluTc

The conference's opening words will be heard from MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri and leading foresight specialist Mikko Dufva from Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund).

13.05-13.15          Mikko Dufva, Leading foresight specialist, Sitra – Let us create better futures together

13.15-13.25          Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, Member of the European Parliament – Future technologies and the EU

13.30-13.40          Miika Nieminen, professor, Biocenter UniOulu -  AI in Medical Imaging and tissue characterization

13.40-13.50          Seppo Yrjölä, professor of practice, University of Oulu & Nokia, - Business of 6G & trustworthy mirror worlds

13.50-14.00          Petri Ahokangas, Senior Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor, University of Oulu Business School– Doing business with 6G

14.00-14.10          Ella Peltonen, PhD research scientist, Center for Ubiquitous Computing, UniOulu - Edge-native Artificial Intelligence in Future 6G Networks

14.10-14.20          Markku Juntti, professor, Center for Wireless Communications, UniOulu - 6G as glue bindind things together

14.20-14.30          Gabriela Lorite-Yrjänä, PhD, Academy Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor, Infotech, UniOulu - Functional nanobiomaterials

14.30-14.40          Hirley Alves, PhD, Assistant Professor, Center for Wireless Communications, UniOulu - IoT systems, energy efficiency, wireless energy transfer

14.40-14.50          Marja Matinmikko-Blue, Dr.Sc (Tech), PhD,  Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor Center for Wireless Communications, UniOulu – 6G and UN Sustainable Development Goals

14.50-15.00          Susanna Pirttikangas, D.Sc.(tech.), M.Sc. (math), adj. prof. (data science), Research Director, Center for Ubiquitous Computing, UniOulu - Reboot Finland IoT Factory - Ecosystem for digitalizing manufacturing industry

15.00-15.10          Marcos Katz, Professor, Centre for Wireless Communications, UniOulu - Light-based communications

15:10-15:20          Sylvain Sebert, PhD,  professor, Group Leader,  Developmental and Life-Course Epidemiology - Epidemiology in the changing societal environment

15:20 Closing remarks: Professor Taina Pihlajaniemi, Vice rector for research, UniOulu


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Last updated: 26.8.2020