Short Course on NFC and RFID Physical Layer

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Pre-registration by 6 June, 2014

One Day Short Course – NFC and RFID Physical Layer – Security and Smart Technologies

This short course is aimed at doctoral candidates and industrial engineers with interest in the physical layer communication aspects of near field communication (NFC) and radio frequency identification (RFID). In particular focus will be given to contactless payments used in NFC, which are growing significantly in usage the UK at the present time. The lecturer’s background research to date concerning the physical layer security issues around NFC to date will be presented, while also giving informed details of the antenna and radio architectures involved in this technology. The second half of the course will move towards smart RFID techniques with recent research results carried out at the University of Surrey on smart shelf applications and research into the possibilities of exploiting technologies with the growing usage of vehicular RFID.

Course Programme

An indicative synopsis of the sessions delivered on the day is listed as follows.

0800-1000 Introduction to Near Field Communications

Introduction to NFC and its benefits, modulation techniques, H-antenna design, Q-factor and resonance, transmission line theory and inductance, NFC reliability tests

[A short comfort break will be included in the first session]

1000-1100 – NFC and contactless payments, security threats and challenges

NFC Eavesdropping, measurements conducted on frame error rate based eavesdropping distances, evaluation of security issues in contactless payments.

[Lunch break]

1200-1400 – Smart vehicular RFID techniques

Near and Far Field Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), propagation models, the growth and opportunities in vehicular RFID, vehicle speed detection, RFID based pseudo-Doppler direction finding, enhanced navigation.


Speaker biography

Dr Tim Brown CEng, PhD, MIET is a lecturer in RF, antennas and propagation at the University of Surrey who has had several years of experience at the University both as an undergraduate student and postgraduate researcher. During this time as a student, Tim specialised in antennas and propagation through his tuition and industrial experience with Nortel Networks and Nokia Mobile Phones, where his PhD title focussed on diversity antennas at the mobile. After spending over two years of postdoctoral research at Aalborg University, Denmark, he has developed long term experience in antennas and propagation for mobile and wireless applications and at present is actively researching in several applications of RF including RFID, NFC, wireless devices, MIMO, spectrum sensing, UWB radar and antenna design. Tim is also the organiser of the MSc programmes in RF and microwave at the University.

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