Residence Permit

All non-EU/ETA students have to apply residence permit at the nearest Finnish embassy of his/her home country. If there does not exist Finnish embassy in your home country, you have visit nearest embassy to start residence permit application. Your application will be stared to process once you have given your person identification with passport and given biometrical identification with fingerprints in nearest Fembassy. Typically you have to reserve time for identification in embassy. Residence permit is issued by Finnish Immigration Service, shortly MIGRI.

We recommend to start your residense permit application process immediately after you will receive a letter of acceptance from the University of Oulu WCE programme in May. It is because the residence permit process takes typically 2...3 months and your studies will start at the beginning of September.

Remember also, that MIGRI reruires non-EU/ETA student to show 6720 Euros/year (560 Euros/month) on student's personal bank account (or by some other reliable/trusted way) for living expences in addition ability to pay tuition fee (in our WCE programme case 25%x10000 = 2500 Euros/year) in the case of non-EU/ETA students. All these monetary requirements then equals 9220 Euros in total for each study year. Typically residence permit is granted only for 1st study year. Residence permit extension is applied for 2nd study year on June...August period after 1st study year. You have to show your study progress during first study year with transcript of records, and also show funding for living expencies and tuition fee for the second year.

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Last updated: 3.7.2020