EW 2016 Best Paper Award to CWC Researchers

Best Paper Award at European Wireless Conference 2016, that was held in Oulu on 18-20 May, was received by a team consisting of four CWC researchers.

The paper is titled

Joint In-Band Backhauling and Interference Mitigation in 5G Heterogeneous Networks

and the authors are 

Trung Kien Vu, Mehdi Bennis, Sumudu Samarakoon, Me ́rouane Debbah, and Matti Latva-aho∗, ∗Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland, email: {vkien, bennis, sumudu, matti.latva-aho}@ee.oulu.fiMathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, Huawei France R&D, Paris, France, email: merouane.debbah@huawei.fr 

Last updated: 25.5.2016