Extension of Study Right


Basic study rigth given in admission is total 4 years for the WCE master's degree programme. Four years is calculated starting from 1st August of first study year (enrolling year) until 31st July after 4 years. If WCE student cannot graduate he/she has to apply study right extension from the UO rector of education.

Student has to explain why his/her studies has delayed. Also up-dated OodiPSP plan has to be submitted to programme coordinator Dr. Kari Kärkkäinen. Extension is typically given one (6 months) or two semesters (one year).

You can find more about the study right extension rules from this page.

Application for extension of study rigth is done by OSAT system

You have to update your OodiPSP to attach a pdf copy of it into your OSAT application.

When study rigth expires, student's user licence for UO computer systems like Weboodi, Optima etc. expires immediately, which complicates student's work substantially. Because of that, the application for extended study rigth has to be submitted well before the study rigth expires (at leat two months because of processing delay in administration).

Last updated: 26.6.2019