Wincool Best Demo Award for CWC and Drexel at ACM Wintech

Centre for Wireless Communications’ and Drexel University’s joint demo has been recognized with the Wincool Best Demo Award at ACM Wintech, the 10th International Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental Evaluation & Characterization.

The winning entry titled "Enhancing Indoor Spatial Reuse through Adaptive Antenna Beamsteering" demonstrated a real-time, synchronous directional wireless system, that leverages antenna directionality and machine learning to perform automated beamsteering for maximizing link throughputs.

This system is a holistic approach toward more efficient indoor spatial reuse combining smart antennas, synchronous channel access, and adaptive beamsteering mechanism.

The work has been conducted by Danh H. Nguyen, Anton Paatelma, Harri Saarnisaari, Nagarajan Kandasamy and Kapil R. Dandekar in a WiFiUS project funded by Tekes and NSF.

The demo was presented by Anton Paatelma from CWC, and Danh Nguyen from Drexel University.

In the award ceremony the winning team received 500 $ and a Cisco Meraki MR32 Access Point WiFi router with latest state-of-the-art technologies and 3-year license sponsored by Cisco Meraki.

”We are honored to receive this recognition. We hope to continue to build on this inertia and enhance traditions of academic excellence between University of Oulu and Drexel University” happy winners commented their achievement.

The ACM Wintech was held in New York City, US, in conjunction with the 22nd MobiCom, the Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, an event generally considered to be among the top five highest-impact venues in the field.


Last updated: 7.10.2016