CWC Researchers took the Best Paper Award at IEEE CSCN 2017

Best Paper Award at 2017 IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications & Networking (CSCN’17), that was held in Helsinki on 18– 20 Sep. 2017, was received by a team consisting of five present and one former CWC researchers. The paper titled 5G Security: Analysis of Threats and Solutions was awarded during the IEEE 5G-IoT SUMMIT 2017 in Helsinki.

The paper provides an overview of the security and privacy challenges in main 5G technological enablers such as  cloud  computing,  Software  Defined  Networking  (SDN)  and Network  Function  Virtualization  (NFV). Furthermore, it present security solutions to these challenges and future directions for secure 5G systems.

The awarded paper is a one of the very papers to discuss the security and privacy challenges in future 5G networks.

“This paper will trigger discussions in the telecommunication community around issues related to security and dependability. We hope it will serve as a catalyst of joint efforts in mitigating critical security and privacy issues in future 5G networks”, says Madhusanka Liyanage, on behalf of the rest of the winning team consisting of CWC researchers Ijaz Ahmed, Tanesh Kumar, Jude Okwuibe, professor Mika Ylianttila and the former professor at CWC, Andrei Gurtov from the Linköping University.

Last updated: 20.9.2017