Visiting Lecture: Making the RF-digital interface open

Monday, October 9, 2017

Lecturer: Prof Todor Cooklev, Harris Professor of Wireless Communication and Applied Research, Purdue University Fort Wayne, USA

Date: October 09, 2017

Time: 14:00-16:00

Room: TS128


Title of the talk: Making the RF-digital interface open



This lecture discusses the different technology alternatives for the interface between the analog RF subsystem and the digital subsystem of a radio system. An open RF-digital interface is identified as the litmus test if a radio is, in fact, software-defined. The talk presents the VITA 49 and the emerging VITA 49.2 standards. VITA 49 emerged as a packet-based protocol at the RF-digital interface of software-defined radios. The VITA 49 metadata allows all information about the spectrum as seen by a radio at its antenna to be described, stored, and transported to other systems. The metadata is an abstract description of spectrum and an abstract description of the radio hardware. The metadata packets can be represented using RDF or OWL ontologies. A related development is the Spectrum Consumption Model (SCM), standardized by IEEE 1900.5.2 out of ongoing efforts to create a policy language for cognitive radios.  Furthermore, we identify the RF-digital interface as an important enabler of cloud-based radios.

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University of Oulu, Lecture Hall TS 128

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