Kick-start for 6G – Matti Latva-aho to steer 6G flagship

Academy Professor Matti Latva-aho sits in his office and smiles happily. His phone has been ringing and emails have poured in since the announcement of 6Genesis Flagship selection by the Academy of Finland earlier in the afternoon. Prof. Latva-aho is the director for the ambitious eight-year-research programme.

Prof. Matti Latva-aho



6G Enabled Smart Society and Ecosystem, 6Genesis, the title of the programme, illuminates the objectives of the flagship. To explore the essence of the ambitious research opening, we asked Prof. Latva-aho a few questions.


Prof. Latva-aho, what was your first thought after you heard about the Academy funding decision for 6Genesis programme?

Great relief after several months of hard work with the whole Flagship team. I'm grateful for their major effort.

We’re extremely eager to start realizing all of our plan with the substantial resources we have now been granted.


You are now making a kick-start for 6G research. What will be the first research directions CWC is taking over?

Our research will combine several challenging research areas including reliable near-instant unlimited wireless connectivity, distributed computing and intelligence, as well as materials and antennas at very high frequencies to be utilized in future for circuits and devices. These will enable drastically new types of services and applications pushing wireless networks to ultimate limits. The first open 6Genesis seminar will take place already in Autumn.


6Genesis also aims to create a dynamic 6G ecosystem. How will you bring that to life?

We are going to emphasize co-creation with our research partners utilizing our 5G Test Network, which will evolve towards a 6G test environment during the flagship lifetime. We plan to initiate more hands-on collaboration with companies and other leading research groups globally.


On the global scale, what will be the main contributions of 6Genesis within the next few years?

Besides technology advances, there will be a wave of societal changes due to massive digitalization of services. This will call for novel incentive and business models in addition to telecom regulation and legislation. We want to be active in driving those issues in tight linkage with major research challenges towards 6G.


How will you celebrate the funding decision?

Tonight, I’ll go cross-country skiing and after that to a very hot sauna. A proper party for the flagship members will follow in early summer.


Last updated: 9.5.2018