CELTIC project SIGMONA received the EUREKA Global Project of the Year 2019 Award

Research cooperation conducted in the University of Oulu was honoured, as SIGMONA project received the the EUREKA Global Project of the Year 2019 Award for in EUREKA Global Innovation Summit in Manchester, UK (14-16 May 2019),. CWC (Centre for Wireless Communications) has been one of the partners.

The outcome of the project includes 1 new product, seven product improvements, one new company and 72 scientific publications.  CWC team consisted of Professor Mika Ylianttila (Principle Investigator), Dr, Madhusanka Liyanage (Project Manager), Mr. Ijaz Ahmed (Doctoral student) and Mr. Jude Okwuibe (Doctoral student) who have contributed to development of security protocols, mobility management and performance evaluation.

The SIGMONA “SDN Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures” project aimed at evaluation, specification and validation of a Software Defined Mobile Network concept designed onto the software defined networking (SDN), network virtualization and cloud computing principles. The Celtic Core Group congratulated the SIGMONA project for excellent performance producing outstanding results with a strong international impact in shaping the technology choices and standards for the fifth generation (5G) wireless communication technologies.

SIGMONA started its activities in 2013. CWC was one of the 25 organizations from 6 countries participating in this 13.2 million euro project. In addition to the CWC, the Finnish project partners included Nokia, VTT, Aalto University, EXFO and Tellabs. In Finland the project was financed by Tekes.

Project Website: https://www.sigmona.org/
Project Video: https://youtu.be/SeapjwuKpLk

Last updated: 24.6.2019