Shahriar Shahhabudin

What made you choose the University of Oulu?

I got my Bachelor’s degree from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I wanted to do a Master’s in wireless communication abroad. Finland was a natural choice for a couple of reasons. (1) It is the country of Nokia, (2) there was no tuition fee. I applied to several universities in Finland and got admitted to a few. I chose Oulu because of its good ranking. The Centre for Wireless Communication (CWC) was also a major factor in choosing Oulu.


What was it like to study wireless communications engineering in Oulu?

The study environment and system is different from my home country. The courses have plenty of maths and programming. Initially it was hard to cope with all the pressure. I got accustomed with it after a few courses though. I learned a lot during those courses. I started to see wireless communication from a new perspective. After 60 credits, I started my Master’s thesis in CWC. It was the first time I worked with researchers so closely. I got to meet many different people working in different fields. In a nutshell, the Master’s programme was an exciting journey of 2 years.

What have you been doing after completing your Master’s degree?

After completing my Master’s degree, I started my PhD in The Centre for Wireless Communications.


What are your career plans?

I am planning to continue my research career for a while before moving to industry.


Do you have any advice to those considering studying WCE in Oulu?

If you are planning for a MSc degree, I would highly recommend you to consider the WCE programme. It is surely one of the best programmes of this kind.

Last updated: 13.7.2016