Thesis Topics and Grants

Thesis topics available for Master's Thesis students

CWC units are committed to offering an inspiring Master’s Thesis topic related to Communications Engineering as well as high-quality supervision. Access for necessary material and software is also provided. Professors and researchers of CWC-RT an CWC-NS research units have submitted a good number of possible M.Sc. thesis topics. These suggestions are made open for the students of Electrical Engineering and Wireless Communication Engineering degree programmes to pursue. The proposed topics can be explored on Moodle's Master's Thesis Topics for ECE/WCE/EE Students folder: (UO login required)

It is even possible to apply for financial support for the thesis work. Two options are offered:

    Depending on the research focus and needs in externally funded research projects, CWC units are interested in hiring a few highly suitable students as research assistants - doing master's thesis work - during a period of maximum 6 months. In contract-research thesis topics salary is approximately 2208 Euros/month up to max. 6 months contract (thesis should be ready after 6 months).
  2. GRANT
    DCE shall offer up to 10+ grants as defined below:

To be eligible to apply the grant, all applicants must satisfy the following two conditions:

1. The applicant has EITHER received at the minimum 60 credit points during first academic study year OR is lacking only at most two courses and the seminar out of all the course work required for the Master’s Degree.
2. The applicant has not previously received a Master’s Thesis scholarship from CWC, and is not employed as a Master’s Thesis student at CWC.

Please send your printed application including your CV, your latest transcript of records as well as a short motivation letter  to Dr. Kari Kärkkäinen, Centre for Wireless Communications – Radio Techonologies (CWC-RT), PL 4500, 90014 OULUN YLIOPISTO, Finland.

The decisions will be made right after the deadline and the thesis work can begin at the earliest in October. The grant will be paid after the applicant’s Master’s Thesis topic application has been processed and approved by the degree programme committee for education.

For more information please contact Dr. Kari Kärkkäinen: kari.karkkainen[ ]

Last updated: 29.6.2020