Distinguish yourself with MSc in Wireless Communications Engineering!

Study and Work at CWC

Over 20 years of groundbreaking research and cooperation with the top industry has been the foundation for the programme development of the WCE, Master’s Degree in Wireless Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu.

Gain the professional edge with WCE!

MSc in WCE will help you reach your goals

The study programme consists of cutting-edge knowledge and latest developments in the essential areas and topics of wireless communications networks. It will give you relevant skills and core knowledge of the latest methods, tools and technologies combined with time-tested issues such as information theory, advanced wireless communication systems, communication networks, signal processing, and radio engineering. You will possess the essential knowledge on the design of wireless communications networks on the system level.

You may get the possibility to move forward even during your studies. Centre for Wireless Communications, CWC, provides a number of jobs as research assistant, trainee or thesis student, with the possibility to continue as a doctoral student and even as a post doctoral researcher.




“The education system is flexible and ‘earning while learning’ is an excellent motivational tool.”

MSc in WCE will advance your career

As a graduate of WCE you will get foundational background in a growing, dynamic field of wireless communications including networking, systems and technologies. The skills gained in the Master’s Degree Programme offer a solid academic training that answers to the demands of wireless communications industry.

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