WCE graduate stories

Successful graduates of the Master's Degree Programme in Wireless Communications (WCE) share their views on what it was like to study in Oulu, and what was the outcome of their education.

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Amanullah Ghazi, India

“The WCE studies are very well structured and give students theoretical as well as practical knowledge of state-of-the-art wireless systems. Students have the flexibility to choose their study plans according to their career goals.”


Muhammad Junaid Khan, Pakistan

”In the area of Telecommunications Engineering, I could not find a better choice for my higher studies than the University of Oulu, Finland.”


Hasnain Virk, Pakistan

“My urge became a reality here, as I was trained and guided by the world's finest professors, researchers and support staff. If you want excellence, this is the place to be.”


Samad Ali, Iran

“The educational system is the best in the world. This means the student gets a deep understanding of the field and becomes ready for cutting edge research in the future.”


Hassan Malik, Pakistan

“I want a versatile education where I feel like I’m being challenged, and where I will experience things that no other university can offer me.”


Ayotunde Laiyemo, Nigeria

“If you are interested in building a career in telecommunications engineering, the WCE programme is a very good place to start.”


Shahriar Shahhabudin, Bangladesh

“I started to see wireless communication from a new perspective. It was the first time I worked with researchers so closely. In a nutshell, the masters programme was an exciting journey of 2 years.”




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Last updated: 13.7.2016