China-Finland Dialogue on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

China-Finland Dialogue on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017-2021

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and the University of Oulu have made a bilateral cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed during the visit of CASS management to the University of Oulu on 6-7 April by president of CASS, Wang Weiguang, and by president of the University of Oulu, Jouko Niinimäki. During their two-day visit, the CASS management got to know the University of Oulu, in particular its research-based innovation activities and ecosystems, and its research in human sciences and technology. During the visit and in the cooperation agreement it was agreed that there will be a meeting later in 2017 in Oulu on themes of innovation and entrepreneurship, which will begin a dialogue that will continue alternatingly in Beijing and in Oulu in the forthcoming years until 2021 and beyond.

The dialogue will take a form of annual seminars that is organized alternatingly in Oulu (by the University of Oulu) and in Beijing (by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). The seminar serie is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. The main target is to elaborate factors and mechanisms that contribute or prevent economically relevant innovation and entrepreneurship with special focus on Finland and China.

For further information on the seminar series see the Oulu Think Tank of Science and Society web pages.