Post-graduate course "Science communication and outreach for ecologists: tools, impacts and ethics"

Science communication and outreach for ecologists: tools, impacts and ethics

Time: Thursday 7.2.2019, 10.00-16.00.

Place: University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus, Botanical garden main building (Street address: Kaitoväylä 5)

This short course on science communication for ecologists (and like-minded people) is directed for PhD students participating to OIKOS Finland meeting in Oulu. We will discuss and plan for different activities related to each participants actual research, needs and motivations. While we will not explicitly spend time on motivating attendants to take part into science communication efforts, we will discuss on what kind of impacts can be expected through science communication.

All registered participants will get a pre-course assignment to think what kind of impact they want their research to have on broader society. Impacts can vary from engaging to citizen science or furthering public understanding of science to explicit policy outcomes on different levels of public and private actors. This reflection will then form basis for the practical work during the training day.

We will form small groups based on shared communication or outreach interests, discuss potential means of reaching communication and outreach goals and write down concrete plans how to proceed.  We will not explicitly train specific skills, such as writing, editing or presenting scientific results, but rather aim to provide a good general understanding of different means and tools of science communication, outreach and policy impact and furthermore, to provide each participant in roadmap on how to reach their specific goals.

We will also address different fears or other obstacles that participants might have in participating in public discussion on science. We will also talk shortly about science of science communication on the effective means to have an impact and outline how ethics of science and science communication have to be taken into account.

The course is aimed for PhD students and it does not require any previous experience or training on science communication. Furthermore, those participants who already have successful or less successful experiences in science communication can expect to be asked to share their own experiences.

Registration to the course and further information: Send e-mail to before 21.1.2019

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