Art education 25 ECTS credits

In this study module the student studies the theory of art education and visual arts, strengthening her/his individual artistic expression. Art is examined from the viewpoints of art education and aesthetics, and the manifestations of visual arts are considered as part of culture.

The aim of this study module is that the student knows how to:

  • design and implement art education and develop the school curriculum in grades 0 - 6
  • apply working, data acquisition, interpretation and evaluation skills typical of visual arts
  • develop curricula and experiment with and assess didactic and pedagogical applications and solutions for art education

Application Procedure

The students in the Faculty of Education can apply for the right to study a minor subject as part of the Faculty’s common application process for minor subjects to be arranged in the spring term.

The license to pursue studies for a minor subject is given for the next academic year. The duration of the right is one academic year.

For students from other faculties and those pursuing non-degree studies in a minor subject, the deadline for applications is August 15. They are given the right to study a minor subject for the next two academic years.

About 20 or 40 students are admitted annually to pursue studies in a minor subject. Preference is given to the students of the Faculty of Education (especially primary teacher and early childhood education students).

For the application forms, see

For more information on practical issues related to minor subject applications in the Faculty, see here.

Application Guidance

More details on applying for the right to pursue studies in a minor subject are available from the Faculty’s study advisors. Any questions related to study rights should be addressed to Helena Seppälä, Chief Academic Officer.

Person in Charge

The person in charge of the minor subject studies is Tapio Tenhu.

More Information on the Studies

A more detailed description of Art including the courses involved is to be found in the Faculty of Education Catalogue of Minor Subject Studies on WebOodi.

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Last updated: 28.2.2019