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Professor Elina Lehtomäki

Education Designer

Emma Pihlajamaa
tel. +358 (0)294 483710

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Faculty of Education
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EdGlo teachers 2019-2020

Members of our teaching team come from various backgrounds and all of them have a lot of international experience.


Anu Railasto-Moran, MA (Education) and M.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration), is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Education. In her Phd research, she focuses on Education as a Commodity, the Commodification of Education and the impact of Educational Export on Finnish general upper secondary education. The interdisciplinary study draws from educational sciences, welfare state theory and economics. Anu, a graduate of ITE and former classroom teacher, also teaches teacher education students and EDGLO master’s degree students at Oulu University.  

Audrey Paradis, PhD (Education), is a researcher at the University of Oulu. Her doctoral research gravitates around secondary teachers and their autonomy, in Canada and in Finland. She is interested in teachers, teacher education and teacher identity. 

Boby Mafi, MA (Education), is a PhD researcher at the University of Oulu. His research examines discourses of denial of racism in electronic social media, their embeddedness in the colonial matrix of power and how teacher education can be used as tool to interrupt these discourses and concomitant practices. His research interests include post-colonial studies, poststructural studies, intercultural education and ethics.  

Elina Lehtomäki, PhD, is the professor of global education and the leader of EDGE research group as well as the academic leader for the Intercultural Teacher Education (ITE) and Education and Globalisation (EdGlo) programmes. Elina’s research interests include the social meaning of education, global education, responsibility and internationalization in higher education, culturally responsive and inclusive education, international expertise, and researcher education. More information: Elina Lehtomäki's researcher profile.

Emma Pihlajamaa, MA (Education) is an education designer at the University of Oulu.

Johanna Lampinen, MA (Education) is a human rights expert with long experience in the NGO sector. Her research interests include inclusion and education export. 

Jouni Peltonen, PhD, is an experienced teacher with a background in research methodology. His research topics have previously included moral development, moral education, and theoretical and methodological foundations of educational research. He is currently an expert advisor in statistics in several research projects focusing in e.g. physical activities of children during schooldays, student selection in Universities, and literacy in primary and secondary schools. Jouni teaches ‘Quantitative Research’.

Katri Jokikokko, PhD, is an experienced teacher educator and educational researcher. Before her university career she worked as a primary school teacher. Her doctoral thesis focused on teachers' intercultural learning and competence and she has published several articles on that area. Katri has been involved in developing EdGlO since the beginning of the programme. In addition to intercultural education she is especially interested  in emotional aspects in teacher education and teacher's profession. Her current position at the University of Oulu is a postdoctoral researcher in a project called Disentangling the Emotional Dimension in Beginning Teachers' Work (EMOT) funded by the Finnish Academy. 

Kiyoko Uematsu-Ervasti, PhD (Education), is an assistant professor at Yokohama National University, and a researcher at the University of Oulu. Her doctoral research focused on global perspectives of student teachers in Oulu and Hiroshima. Her research interests include global citizenship education, comparative education, and teacher education. 

Magda Karjalainen, MA (Education), is a researcher at the University of Oulu. In her doctoral thesis work, she is interested in understanding how language itself and related concepts are constructed in language policy and planning processes within the context of South African higher education.

Maria Järvelä, PhD, is Emerita professor of Education. She has her educational background in humanities and social sciences. Her research interests are intercultural education and cultural studies, including gender and film studies.

Rauni Räsänen, PhD, is Emerita professor of Education, specialised in global education. Before her university career she worked as a primary and secondary school teacher and as a provincial advisor for language teaching. In addition, she has worked as an educational consultant in several organizations and countries including Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Namibia, Kenya and South Africa. Her main research interests include ethics of education, values and education, global education and intercultural education. She is a member of the National UNESCO Commission in Finland. Rauni has taught several courses both in Intercultural teacher education and in Education and Globalisation since the beginning of the programmes.

Ros Cooper, MA (Education), is a freelance educator teaching courses in educational sciences, sustainability, documentary film-making and English. She participates in a number of international projects and has experience working in Bhutan, Brazil, China, Finland, Nepal, Poland, Spain and the UK. Ros is also a researcher at the University of Oulu, and her research interests are sustainability, gross national happiness, transformative action research and transformative pedagogy. 

Sebastiao E. Teatini, MA (Education), is a doctoral student in the Learning and Education Technology at the Department of Education of Oulu University. HIs areas of interest are ICT in education, comparative education, language learning, teacher training, globalisation and educational trends. 

In addition, there are visiting lecturers from Finland and abroad.

The research group connected to EdGlo is
Education, Diversity, Globalisation and Ethics (EDGE)


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