The aim of the work for equality in the Faculty of Education is to promote equal treatment of its workers and students. Equality also encompasses accessibility.
Research and teaching in the Faculty deal with the fields of education and teaching, where equality has a special importance. Equality shall be a central principle in all the activities.

There is an equality working group and an equality liaison officer in the Faculty.

Equality Working Group

The equality working group's term in office is the same as that of the university's equality committee, i.e. three years. The size of the group varies by faculty, but all the groups include both staff and student representatives. Together with the departmental equality liaison officers, the groups monitor and promote equality in the faculties. The equality working groups report on their activities both to the faculty and to the university's equality committee.

Members of the Equality Working Group

Marianna Junes, Coordinator (Chairwoman)
Tiina Kemppainen, Administrator
Maija Lanas, Postdoctoral Researcher
Matti Lukkari, University Teacher
Henna Määttä, Student
Meri Peuhkurinen, Student
Eetu Pikkarainen, University Lecturer
Vappu Sunnari, University Lecturer

Equality Liaison Officer

At the University of Oulu and at the Faculty, the equality liaison officer is an intermediator, feeler and actor. S/he conveys information about current issues related to equality, makes sure that her or his unit's practices follow the principles of equality and non-discrimination and takes action to remedy any flaws. S/he is a sign of the fact that equality is considered important in the department's operation.
S/he can be contacted in matters related to equality, and s/he can refer you further and act as a link when problems are solved.

The equality liaison officer of the Faculty of Education is Marianna Junes.

Last updated: 26.3.2013