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Women's and gender studies is an inter-, multi- and cross-disciplinary field of teaching and research that poses a challenge to traditional paradigms. The basic function of women's studies is to design, implement and develop gender sensitive, aware and critical teaching and research.


As a multidisciplary field of science, women's studies serves the entire university. All students registered at the University of Oulu can choose it as a minor subject. As a subject, women's studies consists of the introductory and intermediate modules as well as separate study modules. The students also have the opportunity to take part in studies arranged within the HILMA university network. You will find details about teaching arranged in women's studies in each term's timetable.

Multidisciplinary and international cooperation

Women's and gender studies is involved in cooperation both inside and outside the university. Teaching is arranged in cooperation with the various faculties and departments. Research and development cooperation is carried out inside the university, but also nationally and internationally by taking part mainly in Nordic and European networks and by establishing projects and project partnerships on a worldwide basis.

Contact information

Lecturer in women's and gender studies
Dr. Vappu Sunnari
Tel. 08 553 3720, firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Women's and gender studies website


Last updated: 1.3.2022