Please note that the last graduation date for the academic year 18-19 is 31.7 when the application for the degree must be submitted via OSAT system. 31.7 is also the date when the work for compiling the degrees will start and the graduation status will only be visible in Weboodi after your degree is done, by 23.8 the latest.


Completion of studies and application for degree certificate

The students must make sure in good time before planned graduation that they have completed all the studies required by the degree. You can check for the requirements in the Study Guide. You may also request a student advisor or academic affairs secretary to help you in finding out what the status of your studies is.

If you have pursued studies in other faculties or universities, make sure the credits are transferred to your study register well in time.

The University of Oulu has introduced an electronic application for degree certificates that you can fill in after confirmation of your credits: The application shall be filed no later than two weeks prior to the day on which the degree is due to be awarded.

Note! The personal study plan (PSP) is not a mandatory attachment for the degree applications in the Faculty of Education and will be separately requested, if needed.


Timetable for submission of Master's theses and graduation dates in the Autumn term 2019

Timetable for submission of Bachelor's theses and graduation dates in the Autumn term 2019 


See here for an example of how to fill in the electronic application.


Graduation ceremony

Graduating students can take part in the official graduation ceremony (publiikki), where diplomas are distributed to the graduates. The ceremony is public and students can invite their family and friends along. Ceremonies are usually held once in semester (June and December). The dress code for a daytime academic occasion classified as solemn is dark/lounge suit.

Graduating ceremony of the spring term 2019 is held on 18th June at 13.00 pm in the lecture  hall L3. Please registrer to the ceremony in your degree certificate application in the OSAT-system.

If you are unable to participate in the graduation ceremony, you can collect your diploma from Study Point Kompassi (Opintokatu, KE1020) between 10-14. By request, the diploma can also be sent to the graduate by mail.


Diploma Supplement

The University of Oulu is using a Diploma Supplement developed in cooperation with the EU and the Ministry of Education. It is an English appendix to the degree certificate. University of Oulu students automatically receive a Diploma Supplement free of charge upon graduation. The supplement details the structure and scope of the degree, courses taken and an account of the Finnish educational system.

Reply to the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey

Have you completed your Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oulu ? Reply to the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey. The survey is emailed to all students who belong to the target group. Your opinion counts: you can influence how your university works to enhance the quality of education.  Read more.


Last updated: 20.8.2019